THC Remediation

by B/R Instrument

THC remediation with No Solvents. The SCB-15 can automatically remediate as much as 100 liters of CBD extract or distillate in 24 hours. An automatic controller applies a dynamic combination of temperature, pressure and vacuum to reduce the THC level to Low THC or THC Free levels.

Crude extracts for THC removal can be Winterized or Unwinterized and can be Decarbed or Non-decarbed. CBD or CBG extracts, and distillate can both use this THC remediation technique. Even mother liquor from CBD crystallization can be remediated.

CBD is widely used and has many purported health benefits. Regulations require CBD products to contain less than 0.3% THC (Low-T). There is also high demand for THC free products (T Free). The SCB-15 can quickly produce these Low-T and T-Free products. Operation is automatic and does not require a skilled operator.

Competing methods for THC remediation such as chromatography and CPC require large amounts of solvents which are expensive to buy and expensive to dispose. Column packing must also be replaced with some frequency. These techniques have slow throughput and require expertise to operate correctly.

The SCB-15 does not require any solvents for processing and just a little ethanol for cleaning after each batch.

Imagine the savings:

  • No huge solvent purchases
  • No solvent disposal
  • No solvent storage
  • No changing column packing
  • No C1D1 room for chromatography

An entry level employee can easily fill the SCB-15 reactor and follow the step-by-step touch screen instructions to start unattended THC remediation operation. Safety questions assure that the operator won’t miss any start up steps. When remediation is nearing completion, check the THC level or use the Near Infrared monitoring option check THC and other cannabinoids continuously through the entire remediation process.

  • Crude Extract, CBD or CBG
    • Non-Winterized or Winterized
    • Non-Decarbed or Decarbed
  • Distillate, CBD or CBG
  • Mother Liquor
  • 30-100 Liters per Batch
  • No Solvents Used
  • Fast Runtime per Load (12-24 hours typical)
  • Remediate to 0.3% THC, 0.2% THC or non-detect. Your choice.
  • Automatic Operation by Entry Level Operator
  • Keep Much of the Minor Cannabinoids
Loss Rates
  • 5-10% CBD Loss

Up to 100 Liters

THC Remediation SCB-15
  • 240 VAC
  • 50 AMP Circuit
  • Two NEMA 6-50 Outlets
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