Solvent Purification & Upgrading

by B/R Instrument

B/R Instrument offers a variety of equipment for purifying or upgrading solvents and chemicals. High purity solvents can be very expensive. It is often economical to purchase industrial grade solvents and upgrade them to laboratory grade or higher. This not only reduces costs but also ensures that there is always an adequate supply of solvent with the required purity.

Most solvent purification is performed on a 9600 spinning band distillation apparatus. This fractional distillation system produces the highest purity solvents possible.

More traditional packed distillation column systems are available for applications that require high throughput. Application notes are available for purifying many solvents. We can also provide user references for your application or your geographic area. The bibliography section of this web site has references from the literature on this subject.

If you would like to see technical information on the 9600 solvent purification system please click here or contact us for more information.

9600 fractional distillation system
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