Semi Automatic Crude Oil Distillation

by B/R Instrument

This semi-automatic crude oil distillation system has a lot of automation at an affordable price. Perform ASTM D2892 or D5236 or both tests in the same unit. Pick your distillation column(s) and boiling flask sizes and B/R will custom build a system for you.

PC Control and Automation

The PC control and automation make this semi-automatic crude oil distillation system easy to operate. Create a simple distillation program and the PC will automatically

  • Control Vacuum
  • Collect Fractions
  • Control Reflux Ratio
  • Control Condenser Temperature
  • Record All Temperatures and System Parameters every 30 seconds in a permanent computer log.
crude oil distillation apparatus Fractional Distillation Graph

We have decades of experience in distillation and control (since 1966). There are generations of safety features incorporated into this crude oil distillation system including:

  • Operator Safety Reminders at Beginning of Distillation
  • Polycarbonate doors to protect the operator
  • Self sealing system in case of power failure
  • Automatic Pot Over-temperature Shutdown
  • And many more safety features
Distillation Fraction Collector
Specifications for D2892 Packed Columns (True Boiling Point)
  • Distillation Column Efficiency: 15 Theoretical Plates
  • Vacuum Range: 100 to 1 mmHg
  • Packing Types: Propak, Helipak, Structured Packing (other packing available on request)
  • Pot Sizes: 1 to 100 liters
  • Specifications for D5236 Vacuum Pot Still
  • Vacuum Range: 100 to 0. 1 mmHg
  • Pot Sizes: 2 to 22 liters
semi automatic crude oil distillation
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