Radioactive Waste Reduction

by B/R Instrument

B/R Instrument offers equipment for reducing radioactive waste. Sometimes a waste solvent is rendered radioactive by the inclusion of a single radioactive component. Often the radioactive component has a much higher boiling point than the accompanying solvent.

In such cases the radioactive component can be removed by distillation. After distillation the radioactive material is concentrated making it easier to handle, store and dispose of properly. The waste solvent, which has had the radioactive material removed from it can now be disposed of as a simple waste solvent or it can be reused. In either case, the disposal costs are greatly reduced.

The 9600 fractional distillation system is most commonly used for radioactive waste reduction.

If you would like to see technical information on the 9600 fractional distillation system please click here or contact us for more information.

9600 fractional distillation system
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