Monomer Purification

by B/R Instrument

B/R Instrument offers a variety of equipment for purifying monomers. In many cases monomers yield substantially improved polymers after purification. Our customers have observed specific improvements in average chain length, mechanical and chemical properties.

We offer spinning band distillation columns and packed distillation columns of various sizes. Fully automatic and manually operated models are available. Pots sizes range from 10ml to 50 liters and the number of theoretical plates range from 15 to 200.

For purification of materials in the 1 to 50 liter range, the 9600 Monomer Purification Apparatus is ideal. It is a high efficiency fractional distillation system capable of purifying monomers. The very low "hold up" means that the minimum amount of the valuable material is left behind in the distillation column after purification is complete. The microprocessor controller automates the fractional distillation, minimizing the need for operator attention.

For purification of monomers in the 25 ml to 1 liter range, the 36-100 Mini Monomer Purification Apparatus is recommended. This fractional distillation apparatus has all the advantages of the 9600 distillation system with 4 times the separating power.

9600 Fractional Distillation Apparatus

For really small samples, consider our 800 Micro-Monomer Purification Apparatus. This distillation equipment has the most separating power available for samples in the 5 to 25 ml range.

800 Micro-Monomer Purification Apparatus
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