Why Choose the B/R Instrument Semi-Automatic D1160?

by B/R Instrument

There are so many reasons to choose a B/R D1160. Here are a few.

Complete System Includes:
D1660 Includes Diagram
  • Mounting frame
  • Plexiglas door and safety shields
  • Complete glassware set
  • Complete vacuum system including vacuum pump, sensor and digital display
  • Circulating bath for condenser temperature control
  • PC control of the distillation system.

Includes everything needed to perform the D1160 test

Brand name components – this D1160 uses the highest quality components such as MKS vacuum sensors, Edwards vacuum pumps and Polyscience baths. These high quality components will give great performance for many years.

Upgradeable - Upgrade to fully-auto D1160.

The semi-automatic D1160 can be upgraded in the field to the fully automatic. The D1160 can change, as your needs change.

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